Avoid This Coupon Code Debacle

A few minutes ago I visited a travel website where I was offered 10% off if I subscribed to their email list.
I subscribed, checked my email and there was my 10% coupon code, good until 10 days ago.

6 Magic Words that Sell More Products

You’re writing an email.
Or you’re creating a lead magnet.
Or maybe it’s a blogpost.
Whatever it is, somewhere in there you’re talking about how to do something.

Drop EVERYTHING When This Happens

A couple of months ago I was working on this newsletter with the deadline quickly approaching when inspiration hit. I had an idea for a new product.

How to Radically Revitalize Your Business in 30 Days with Zero Out of Pocket

Have you ever driven your car onto a frozen lake, parked, cut a hole in the ice and started fishing?
This might sound like a crazy idea if you’re from a warm climate. Why would you sit there on the ice for hours, freezing yourself silly, waiting for a fish to wake up from its cold slumber and bite your hook?

Do THIS to Reduce Refunds AND Increase Sales

Most new marketers make the painful mistake of thinking the sale is done when the customer buys the product.
That’s just the first sale.
Wise marketers who want to stay in business and continue to profit know there are two more sales to be made.

7 Ways to Make Money on Twitch

There are streamers on Twitch earning six and seven figures a year. And while Twitch is the go-to platform for gamers, you don’t have to be a gamer to make money on this platform.

The Psychological Hack to Getting Sh** Done

In the 70’s they did an experiment to see if the same college students who turned in their assignments on time also had clean socks. (No joke – they seriously did this.)
The hypothesis was that people who got their schoolwork done would be the same people who got their personal chores done as well.