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How To Build An Entire Business Recording Simple Interviews

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Sure, you already know that interviews can be an easy way to create content or even make a product. But did you know you can build an entire business around just doing interviews? And better still, you can use the interview model to get known, build your list, add to your income, make unlimited profitable connections, network with the best and brightest in your niche and have a blast doing it. You might think that doing interviews with experts is too old school to work anymore, but it’s still surprisingly effective for building your business and getting your name out there, for the following reasons:

 It’s easy to do

 You don’t need to be an expert yourself

 It’s fast to set up and get started

 It makes you look like an expert by association

 Works in any market

The mistake many marketers make is in only doing a few interviews, or doing them sporadically. Instead, it’s best to do an ongoing series of interviews to compel people to sign up to your lists and even subscribe to your interview service. And here are just some of the benefits of doing interviews:

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