Here’s a Quick Coaching Quiz for You

As an online marketing coach, which do you think would be easier:
A: Taking someone who is earning $1000 a month and showing them how to earn $10,000 a month
B: Taking someone who is earning nothing online and showing them how to earn $500 a month

How to Make a Fortune on Etsy…

…Even if You’re the Least Crafty Person on the Planet
It’s true! You can now sell on Etsy without creating anything yourself.

5 Keys to Creating Content that Makes Sales

How would you like every piece of content you create to be your sales agent? Imagine if every article, post or video you created led to more subscribers and more sales… how awesome would that be?

Sometimes Knowing TOO MUCH Can Hurt Your Sales

In online marketing, as in most endeavors, we talk about finding people who are successful and emulating what they do.
For example, you find a sales page that’s converting like gangbusters, so maybe you use the same font, the same style of headline, similar graphics and so forth to sell your product.