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Clickbank Recurring Billing IM Programs

This is a list of the top paying Clickbank programs in the online marketing niche with recurring billing. Sell them once, get paid over and over again. And since it’s Clickbank, even new marketers can get signed up and promoting right away. Average rebill amounts are according to Clickbank.

Affliate Marketing

$20,000 a Month Partnering with Product Creators

This case study has an interesting twist – rather than hunting down just any affiliates to promote his membership site, ‘Bob’ targets only people who are launching their own product.

Affiliate Marketing

$27,383 From Your Webinar Sign-Up Page

Michael Rozbruch sells a CPA training program for $1500. To get people interested in his product launch for his training program, he used a webinar. 3,000 people signed up for that launch webinar, and here is where it gets interesting…

Affiliate Marketing

Beware of Pissing Off Your Loyal Followers

In the U.S., “pissing off” someone is to make them mad at you – sometimes REALLY mad. In the case of a customer, that’s mad enough to never buy your products again, and maybe even mad enough to say bad stuff about you in social media, too.

Affiliate Marketing

Niching Your Market Isn’t What You Think

You might already know this, but just in case, we’re going to cover what a niche market is and what it’s not.
Some people are under the misconception that a niche market is a tiny market that almost no one is participating in.