How School Ruined You for Business

In a traditional education you are taught there is ONE right answer.
Remember multiple choice tests? You were told that “C” was the right answer and “A” “B” and “D” were wrong.

4 Difficult Discussions that Increase Conversions

As marketers we like to talk about all the good stuff while hoping prospects don’t think about or see the ‘bad’ stuff.
You know… things like cost, problems, competition and lousy reviews.

How to Lose a Customer Forever

I bought something this week from an Ebay style of website called Mercari. I expected to get what I saw in the photos of the listing – pretty reasonable expectation, right?

How a Simple “Thank You” Payed $30,000 in one Afternoon

I have a coaching client who has done fairly well building his online business. He’s got a funnel set up that is totally automated and makes a decent income, and it works like this:
He runs ads to send traffic to a squeeze page where visitors opt in to get a freebie. Then the autoresponder sequence kicks in and sends people to various sales pages where he makes money.

How One Little Notebook Can Double Your Income

Anytime and every time you do anything in your business, write it down.
Found a new resource? A new shortcut? A new market? Had a brilliant idea? Or even a crazy idea? Write it all down.

3 Step Profits: Watch News – Deploy Report – Make Money

Here’s a simple little case study that you can employ in almost any niche.

This gal I know writes simple little reports that are evergreen. Example topics might be:
How to build a sales funnel using other people’s products
How to build a Facebook Group of 3,000 in 60 days and earn $10,000 a month
How to build a simple membership site and get 25 new members every month, regardless of price


We all love a good mystery, and in my working life one of the greatest mysteries I’ve ever come across is the one called expectations.