Internet Marketing

A Suit Of Armour

In our lives and businesses, we wrap many things in suits of armour, in our lives it might be our hearts or our fears, in our businesses it could be our products or our strategy, our personnel or partners, the things we are afraid to lose or that we fear could damage our livelihoods if effected negatively.

Information Publishing

Does This Product Launch Infographic Scare You?

I debated sharing this infographic with you because it looks kind of SCARY! When you first pull it up, it’s one looooong skinny thing in the middle of your screen because it’s incredibly detailed (and yes, intimidating, too.)

Internet Marketing

Beginner’s Guide to A/B Split Testing

“Help! I’ve been doing online marketing for some time now, but I still don’t fully understand this whole ‘split testing’ thing I keep hearing about. What is it, why is it so important and how do I do it?”

Internet Marketing

Fixing Follow Up Failure

Mary sells Juan a $20 ebook on how to deal with his son’s ADHD.

Juan loves the book because it’s shown him several techniques to help his son without resorting to pharmaceuticals. Now Juan wants more – he wants personal coaching from someone he trusts so that he can do everything possible for his son. He loves his son dearly and money is no object.

Affliate Marketing

$20,000 a Month Partnering with Product Creators

This case study has an interesting twist – rather than hunting down just any affiliates to promote his membership site, ‘Bob’ targets only people who are launching their own product.

Internet Marketing

If You Hit a Financial Wall, Do THIS

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m all about practical advice that you can implement in your business to increase profits.
Stuff like, “Do Steps A, B and C, and you should see sales increase.”