How to Keep Your Copywriting Skills Fresh

Sometimes the world does give me a little nudge

Like the time I was introduced to a small group of young copywriters at a conference. They were polite and pleasant enough.

Internet Marketing

Six Ways to Improve Your SEO with Keywords

SEO is historically associated with keywords, and getting them right is at the heart of promoting your website. But how do you know which keywords to use and how to use them?

Growing Your Business

12 Awesome Video Tools for Content Marketers

64% of customers make a purchase after watching branded video content — and social media video content inspires 12-times as many shares as image and text based posts combined.

The Grasshopper & The Ants

The Grasshopper & The Ants is one of Aesop’s Fables, it tells of a lazy grasshopper enjoying the sun, whilst the ants work feverishly, building up their nest and their stores for winter. When winter comes, the grasshopper has nothing and goes begging to the ants and is turned away. The moral of the story is all about hard work and planning for the future. However, there is another view of the fable, that views the ant’s industry as mean and selfish.

Internet Marketing

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

I was walking down the high street today, and I walked past someone carrying a bag with the sentiment, “Believe, Achieve, Succeed” written on it. I think it was for a school or an academy in the area. But it struck me that those are three very good simple core principals that we should be instilling in our young folk these days.

Affiliate Marketing

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

Quite simply, you join an affiliate program to promote other people’s products. You choose which products you want to promote, and for each one you get a unique affiliate URL.
When you send traffic to that unique URL, you are tracked as being the affiliate.
You get credit for each sale made, earning you a commission.

Affiliate Marketing

How to Double Your Affiliate Income

Like you, I promote quite a few affiliate products. But surprisingly, I often make my greatest income on the smaller, less promoted products that other overlook. Here’s why:
Let’s say you’re promoting two affiliate products this week. One of them is from a HUGE launch with some really big affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing

Why Tracking Your Earnings per Click is Important

Affiliates and product owners: If you keep your eyes on only one metric, it should be earnings per click.
If you’re not studying this metric, if you don’t know how it’s calculated, and if you aren’t using it strategically to influence your business decisions, then you are leaving money on the table.

Information Publishing

How to Create GREAT Products FAST

There is a secret ingredient found in every great product that is lacking in every poor product.
And no, it’s not great information that is super helpful to the user.
Yes, it’s awesome to give great info, but anyone – ANYONE – can do a Google search and likely get the same great info if they simply look long enough.